This is my new blog, which I hope will be of some entertainment to someone. Although I’m a teacher, I do have a sense of humour.

This is going to be an occasional exercise and probably quite irregular – like my grandfather, bless!

Today, we were saying goodbye to a colleague at a rather posh restaurant and somehow the discussion turned to immigration and customs officials at airports. One of our crowd detailed the story of a friend who was behind a B-list celebrity who, when he began to get frustrated, ended up in the following scenario:

B-List Celebrity(BLC): How long will I need to wait? I’m in a hurry

Customs Official 1 (CO)(calmly): I’m sorry sir but you’ll have to be patient.

About ten minutes later the BLC finally made it to another CO.

BLC(angrily thrusting the passport at the CO2):Do you know who I am?

CO2 (calmly handing the passport back to the BLC): Why don’t you study it[the passport] first then you won’t have to ask.

I don’t know if it’s true but makes for a good giggle.

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